First, you must carefully observe your garden and identify the place where the installation of a greenhouse can be considered.
A key condition is that there are no large trees nearby, because each glass side of the greenhouse must receive as much light as possible.


Be careful also if you live in a place beaten by the vents : it is better to choose the most protected location here and opt for a greenhouse with oblique side walls (the wind “ glissera ” easily).

Under no circumstances will the greenhouse be exposed to cold north or east winds. The chosen location must also be perfectly flat and stable : you do not install a greenhouse on a slope or on too soft a ground (unless you stabilize it correctly).
On the other hand, and whatever the final goal, it is always necessary to choose a model that is spacious enough or you will regret it later.

Why ? The temperature rises very quickly in a small greenhouse (risk of overheating if you do not monitor the ventilation), but also goes down vite !
The larger the volume of air, the more cooling it is, lent : a small greenhouse will therefore be colder at night than a larger greenhouse.
And then, logically, the bigger the greenhouse, the more space and volume you will have to grow your flowers and vegetables…

Don’t worry, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the glass shelter of your dreams, some manufacturers offer greenhouses that can be gradually expanded by simply adding a section…. Or you can opt for a second-hand greenhouse by contacting individuals or searching classified ad sites.